Computer House Cellphone Repair

Save money by letting us repair your cellphone or iPhone versus getting it replaced. Computer House specializes in cracked screen, broken camera, damaged headphone jack or an old battery repairs... we can get it fix it all. Bring your damaged iPhone or Cellphone by or Contact Us and let us get you a quote on your repair.

12 Most Common Cellphone Problems

Technology issues are some of the most aggravating problems we face on a regular basis. Whether it’s a server crashing, our favorite website being down or a hard drive getting wiped out, tech issues take time and money to resolve, which is plenty of cause for frustration.

Mobile phone problems can sometimes feel the most invasive and solutions aren’t always easy to come by. We rely on our cell phones more and more every day, so when we encounter difficulty with them and have to take them somewhere to get them fixed, it can be a real pain. Fortunately, many common cell phone problems are easy to resolve if you know how.

Check out this guide on how to fix the most common smartphone problems below. Keep in mind that some cell phone solutions will require professional repair assistance.... But of course that's where we come in.

Common Iphone fixes

Have a problem with your iPhone? No need to panic yet. There are tons of easy iPhone fixes you can handle yourself using common household items. Check out this video and learn some of these inexpensive life hacks to keep your iPhones running efficiently.

Whether you dropped your cellphone or Forgot the Password, Computer House is able to assist. Bring by your android or Iphone and let us assist you at the most affordable rate in Nashville.